Plastering Tools

Universal Plaster Sdn Bhd also supplies quality tools for the contractor to deliver high quality workmanship.

Have a look at some of the tools from the complete program. If there are any tools required that are not listed please contact us for more information.


Plaster Board 400 x 500 mm                               Stainless Steel Trowel 280 x 120 x 0.65

Plaster Board 400 mm x 500 mm               Stainless Steel Trowel

PLastic Texture Trowel 280 x 140 x 3 mm                               Stainless Steel Plaster troffel

Plastic Texture Trowel                                           Stainless Steel Plaster Trowel

90 degree External Corner Trowel                                  90 degree Internal Corner Trowel

90 degr Ext Corner Trowel                                 90 deg Int Corner Trowel

Sanding Board for Smooth Plaster application                                 Paint Grid 280 x 260

Texture Brush                                                                Paint Grid

Masking Device with paper roll         Texture Roller

Masking Machine                                                             Patent Roller