The Principle

Based on more than 40 years in the trade, image002 bv has built up a reputation among painters and plasterers as a reliable producer and supplier of decorative plasters, pre-treatment products, top coats and wall paints. Use of the most modern product technologies and demanding quality control procedures, guarantees constant product quality. Excellent value for money and ease of application have resulted in a large and loyal customer base that repeatedly opts for image002 products.

Decorative plasters
The decorative plaster range offered by image002 includes a wide variety of products with different textures that are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Most decorative plasters can be supplied in virtually any colour via the image002 Color Service. A special colour fan has been created to simplify selection: “image002 Basic Combi Colors”. This handy colour fan presents 70 matched colours.

image002 continues to innovate by introducing new products and product properties. For example, we have developed a special“lightweight” grain plaster, which still offers the same ease of application in spite of being no less than 30% lighter in weight. In response to the trend towards smooth wall finishes, image002 has developed a scratch plaster that combines the appearance of scratch-coat plaster with the strength of decorative plaster.

Surface priming and preparation products are designed to eliminate surface flaws such as excessive absorption, contamination, porosity, etc., and to optimise the condition of the substrate. Correctly prepared and primed surfaces guarantee optimal workability and a perfect result after applying the finishing coat.